Project Status

The ACTL pipeline will be designed, constructed, operated and maintained using best practices that meet or exceed the required safety standards.

Project Update – August 2019

In preparation for completion of the Alberta Carbon Trunk Line later in 2019, Enhance Energy has broken ground on its expansion of the its Clive facility in Lacombe County.

Top Left: Pilings have been set in preparation for new equipment installation in the Clive Plant.  Top right;  Initial stage of pipeline construction south of the plant – top and sub soil piles are preserved along the right of way.  Bottom left; Laying of pipe along the right of way is quickly followed by – bottom right; welding of pipe.

Following pipeline construction, soil will be replaced, and the land will return to agricultural use.

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Project Update – April 2019

Construction of the Alberta Carbon Trunk Line by Wolf Carbon Solutions Inc. has reached another critical point with the stringing of pipe under the North Saskatchewan River, a 1200m section that links the ACTL from the heart of Alberta Industry, to the rest of the Province.

Crossing the river involved pulling four 400m segments of 16” pipeline through a borehole, with each section joined as it retreated into the hole with the next section.  The Saskatchewan River Crossing represents part of the final, northern leg of pipeline construction which is approximately 60% complete.

At the southern tip of the ACTL, Enhance Energy Inc. has been keeping pace with Wolf’s progress by drilling three of its planned CO2 injection at Clive.  These wells reach the Devonian Leduc Formation at a vertical depth of 1,800m.  These wells are just the first of Enhances planned program of horizontal injection and production wells that will be drilled at Clive in anticipation of the completion of the ACTL later this year.

Left: Feeding the 16″ diameter ACTL pipe into place under the North Saskatchewan River.
Right: Drilling the first well into the Clive Leduc Pool in 15 years.

As of Q4 2018

  • Regulatory approval has been received to build the pipeline and construction is underway
  • The ACTL Project has secured 100% of its Right of Way from land owners
  • Engineering for the full pipeline project is complete
  • Procurement is underway with 70% of all goods and services being accessed in Alberta
  • Long delivery equipment received
  • CO₂ sources are both operating and CO2 is available
  • Regulatory approval for EOR has been received
  • The first CO₂ injection wells are anticipated to commence drilling in Q1 2019

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The ACTL pipeline will ship CO₂ volumes from Alberta’s Industrial Heartland north of Edmonton to the Clive oil processing and gas compression facility site located over 200 km south.

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