Community Engagement

Safety of people, communities and the environment is at the heart of the ACTL Project and represents an integral part of the Project’s planning and ultimate operations. Comprehensive consultation with landowners, local stakeholders, neighbouring communities, environmental groups and regulators has been going on for a number years, and input from various groups has been, and will continue to be, a key component in the success of the ACTL Project.

For the parties involved in the ACTL Project, nothing has a higher priority than safety. All aspects of the Project, from carbon capture through to storage, have been carefully assessed for risk with mitigation measures employed at every phase. Taking a robust and scientific approach ensures the ultimate success of the ACTL Project.

In addition, the ACTL Project operators are committed to being responsible, respectful and contributing members of the communities which are near or adjacent to any part of the ACTL Project. Not only is the ACTL Project designed to minimize impact for landowners, stakeholders or other groups impacted by the Project, but as a result of the activities associated with the Project, Albertans benefit from tax revenue, job creation and other economic contributions.

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The ACTL pipeline will ship CO₂ volumes from Alberta’s Industrial Heartland north of Edmonton to the Clive oil processing and gas compression facility site located over 200 km south.

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About ACTL

The Alberta Carbon Trunk Line (ACTL) Project is designed to be the first large-scale carbon capture and storage plus CO₂ Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) project in Alberta, leveraging the province’s wealth of innovative expertise to create thousands of new jobs, generate meaningful tax revenue while also decreasing Canada’s carbon footprint.

Key Contacts

Emergency Response
Please call our 24-hour toll-free hotline: 1.866.941.6025

ACTL Project Operator Head Office
2000, 500, 4th  Avenue SW
Calgary, Alberta T2P 2V6

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