CO₂ is transported in a pipeline designed specifically for CO₂ but similar to 840,000 kilometres of oil and natural gas pipelines that have operated safely for decades.

The ACTL is the world’s largest capacity pipeline for CO₂ from human activity, capable of transporting up to 14.6 million tonnes of CO₂ per year. Owned and operated by Wolf Midstream, this 240-kilometre pipeline safely transports CO₂ from the current capture and compression sites to aging oil reservoirs in Central Alberta for enhanced oil recovery and secure permanent storage. The ACTL pipeline is the core of an expandable network built to support significant future emissions solutions and new utilization pathways.

Routing of the ACTL pipeline was selected to maximize access to both facilities looking for carbon solutions and oil reservoirs that offer ideal characteristics for oil recovery and the secure and permanent storage of CO₂.

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