Carbon Capture and Compression

CO₂ is separated, compressed and captured, preventing emissions from entering the atmosphere.

CO₂ supply for the ACTL Project comes from Nutrien Inc., the owner/operator of the Redwater Fertilizer facility, and North West Redwater Partnership, the operator of the Sturgeon Refinery. Both CO₂ supplies are high purity streams that are ideal for EOR projects.

Carbon captured from industrial emitters can be separated and compressed for transporting in pipelines for utilization and permanent storage

Other resources of information about CO₂ capture and storage can be found at the CO₂ Capture Project’s (CPP) interactive website. CCP is a partnership of several major energy companies working together to advance the technologies that will underpin the deployment of industrial-scale CCUS.

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The ACTL pipeline will ship CO₂ volumes from Alberta’s Industrial Heartland north of Edmonton to the Clive oil processing and gas compression facility site located over 200 km south.

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About ACTL

The Alberta Carbon Trunk Line (ACTL) Project is designed to be the first large-scale carbon capture and storage plus CO₂ Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) project in Alberta, leveraging the province’s wealth of innovative expertise to create thousands of new jobs, generate meaningful tax revenue while also decreasing Canada’s carbon footprint.

Key Contacts

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Please call our 24-hour toll-free hotline: 1.866.941.6025

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