Jobs and Economic Impact

In addition to the environmental benefit, the ACTL Project will provide Albertans with the economic stimulus of additional jobs in construction, manufacturing, research and a host of other industries. The Project will contribute to the sustained viability of important industries whose activities naturally produce carbon-emissions, such as electricity generation, fertilizer manufacturing, bitumen upgrading, refining and petrochemical operations, to ensure they remain competitive globally.

The ACTL Project will ultimately enable the production of greater than one billion barrels of light oil from EOR in fields situated in proximity to the pipeline. This will create an impactful economic stimulus for the province, creating thousands of jobs for Albertans and generating a new revenue stream of approximately $15 billion in royalties and tax revenue for the Province of Alberta that can be used to fund education, essential services, health care, infrastructure, social programs, and transportation.

Construction of the ACTL Project with the pipeline at full capacity will create 2,000 peak construction jobs directly associated with the Project, and another approximately 8,000 indirect employment opportunities in centres heavily weighted to rural Alberta, spurring economic activity within many small communities.

The ACTL will vastly extend the lifespan of the oil industry in many Alberta communities.  This will enable communities to maintain and improve their standard of life thanks to the continued employment and activity of the central Alberta oil industry.

Local communities in the area of the Project stand to benefit from new employment opportunities, including:

  • Construction jobs
  • Full time operating and maintenance positions
  • Local contracting and procurement opportunities
  • Leadership in green technology for Alberta, and
  • Increased sustainable energy for Alberta.

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The ACTL pipeline will ship CO₂ volumes from Alberta’s Industrial Heartland north of Edmonton south and west to the Clive oil processing and gas compression facility site located at 4-15-40-24 W4M.

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