System Partners

The multi-faceted ACTL system is owned and operated by a consortium of companies with a collective commitment to shift how carbon is managed in Alberta. These companies include:

Enhance Energy Inc.

Enhance Energy (Enhance) is the founding partner behind the ACTL system. Specializing in enhanced oil recovery (EOR) and focused on using CO₂ for miscible flooding,  Enhance is the owner and operator of the Clive oil reservoir which is injecting CO₂ for EOR utilization and permanent storage.

Wolf Midstream

Wolf Midstream (Wolf) is an Alberta-based private company backed by the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (CPP Investments). Wolf was formed in 2015 to focus on the acquisition and development of midstream infrastructure and opportunities in Western Canada. Wolf is committed to transforming the future of carbon reduction through the development of world scale CO₂ infrastructure in both Canada and abroad. Wolf is the owner and operator of the compression facilities at the two capture sites, as well as the 240-kilometre pipeline that safely transports the CO₂ from the capture sites to the CO₂ EOR operation at Clive.

North West Redwater Partnership

North West Redwater Partnership (NWR) is the owner and operator of the Sturgeon Refinery, which supplies CO₂ for the ACTL system. NWR is a Joint Venture between NWU LP (Alberta), owned by North West Refining Inc. (Alberta) and CNR (Redwater) Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Canadian Natural Resources Limited. The Sturgeon Refinery is the first refinery designed from the outset to capture its carbon emissions, resulting in one of the lowest carbon intensive fuels from Alberta’s bitumen. Phase 1 of the refinery captures 1.3 million tonnes of CO₂ per year, which serves as the anchor supply for the ACTL.


Nutrien is the world’s largest provider of crop inputs and services, playing a critical role in helping growers increase food production in a sustainable manner. Nutrien is the owner and operator of the Redwater Fertilizer Facility, supplying approximately 0.3 million tonnes of previously vented CO₂ per year to the ACTL.

Government Partners

The ACTL system is supported by two levels of government to help make CCUS technologies more accessible and encourage wider use of the technology around the world.


  • The Government of Canada has provided funding support under the ecoEnergy Technology Initiative and the Clean Energy Fund
  • The Government of Alberta has provided funding support under the Carbon Capture and Storage Fund

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